Series I Won’t Be Finishing

I always feel bad about not finishing a series. Mainly because there’s almost always a fandom behind it and/or there’s the thought that *maybe it gets better.*

But sometimes, I just don’t give a damn for either of those things and want to spend my time reading books that grab me from the start.

Here are some books that didn’t do that for me.


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Top Ten Historical Fiction Books On My TBR

Historical fiction used to be my all time favorite genre. Nowadays, fantasy and mystery has surpassed it by a lot.

But I think the winter season is a great time of year to ~go back in time~ if you will and these are the books that I’ve been really looking forward to reading lately.


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Favorite Stand-Alones

So, I made a list of my favorite series quite awhile back and so I thought “Hey, why not make one for my favorite stand-alones?”

Because, honestly, sometimes series can be exhausting. They just keep going and going and going. But with stand-alones, you know there’s an end.

And, thus, here we are… 😛


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Top Ten Science Fiction Books On My TBR

OHOHO! Back to your regularly scheduled book blog!

First off, both my bedroom* and my blog (and MY SOUL) are now decorated for the holidays!! Please come take a look at my new header – I splurged and bought Twigs and Twine’s Woodland Christmas Set on Creative Market. I do gotta say though… it paid off! I love it a whole heck of a lot!

*Read (or scroll) until the end and you’ll see EXCLUSIVE pics of my bookshelf and cat!


Eyyy let’s continue with my “Top Ten *Insert Genre* On My TBR” series!!!

This time around is Sci-Fi… perhaps I’ve found a few gems that you haven’t heard of yet?? I dunno, but there’s only one way to find out. 😉


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October Wrap Up

Last month was asdfghjkl… a roller coaster of emotions to say the least.

Reading productivity spiked, but blogging took a turn for the worse! I still need to catch up on my Reader. Sigh, I suck – I know!

But if you’re curious about what books I read last month and some stuff going on IRL, do read on! 


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Halloween Book Tag

Sooo hopefully you didn’t notice, but I went semi-AWOL last week.

Excuse my French, but work has just been god-fucking-awful lately and my mental/emotional energy has just been totally spent.

BUT, personal probz aside – I thought I would come back today with a simple book tag that was both holiday-appropriate and easy to do.

Also, today is Peter Kitty’s birthday! He is 5 years old.


Anywaaaaay, let’s get started!


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Top Ten Mystery Books On My TBR

My interests have been swaying more and more towards mysteries and psychological thrillers. I blame all the amazing blogs that I follow who also share this love for mysteries; they keep adding to my TBR!

I also figure this list would be perfect for Halloween if you guys wanna creep yourselves out for those spooky vibes!

Here are the top ten mysteries that I want to get my sticky paws on ASAP!


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Why I LOVE Blogging!


(actually it was yesterday, but I don’t post on Wednesdays lol)



Honestly never thought I would make it this far???

So I thought it would be best to take time to list why I keep coming back to this blog.

Without further ado, here are the reasons I LOVE blogging!

(Clearly I still haven’t gotten any better at writing intros…)


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Rapid Fire Book Tag

Woweeeee I’ve seriously neglected book tags so I’m going to jump back on this train!

I was tagged by Holly over at Nut Free Nerd – thank you so much (and sorry for taking like 2 months to do this????)!

Without further ado, let’s get to answering some questions! *cracks knuckles* 😎


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My Bookmark Collection! (I May or May Not Have a Problem…)

So, I’ve got a lot of bookmarks.

And by a lot I mean a lot.

They’ve seen me through the highs and lows of the emotional roller coaster that a book can bring (if you look closely you’ll see dried tear drops on some #jokingbutnotjoking).

Let’s take a peek at these chums and appreciate their hard work (marking pages is grueling work)…


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