Bookish Birthday Gifts: Please Bring Me…

Soooo my birthday is fast approaching and I thought I would compile this helpful list to those who may need it (*cough Ryan cough*)

Here are some of  my MOST WANTED bookish merchandise!


These Hogwarts Bath-bombs.


I mean can you imagine bathing in this glorious-ness?

This bookmark.


This Game of Thrones chapstick.


I hope it smells like fire and blood!

This potion bottle.


It’s so smol.

This beautiful Juniper Books edition of The Lord of the Rings.


These book lover bookmarks.


This Shire inspired candle.


I love the “hint of smoke” bit because Hobbits love their pipeweed!

This set of the Harry Potter books that are House specific.


Is there an American version for these (alternate title so it matches my sets)?

This pillow of Bag End.


This hilarious door sign.


Just don’t even bother knocking.

These dragon egg bookends.


Now they better hatch at some point or else… rip off.

This charming welcome mat.


This Alice in Wonderland mug.

il_570xN.999974795_o575 - Copy

This enamel pin.


Perfect for a sweet ass jean jacket.

What are some of your favorite book merch??


Let’s hope I see some of these this year!

Or someone will pay. Just kidding. (but not really lol)



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23 thoughts on “Bookish Birthday Gifts: Please Bring Me…

  1. Omggggg I wish I had a bath solely for those Hogwarts bath bombs haha. They look amazing. I wanna bathe in all the Hogwarts glory. That potion bottle is so cute! OMG THOSE DRAGON EGGS. I NEED THEM. That mug and pin are so cute as well! I hope you’ll own all of these soon 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You had me with those bath bombs. The only “little” problem I have is that I no longer own a bath.. Only a shower. I’m missing my bath.. and my bath bombs even more..

    All these bookish items look amazing though! Hope you get a whole lot of them!
    And it reminds me that I should make a list of my own since it’s my birthday next month, haha.

    Happy birthday already!
    [And I’ll keep my fingers crossed that someone just goes crazy and buys you all of these items!]

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Those Hogwarts Bath-bombs look amazing! I just have a feeling that I wouldn’t end up using them, as I wouldn’t want to “destroy” them. Also, those editions of The Lord of the Rings look beautiful – I love how the spines connect. Actually all of those are amazing! I hope you get many of them for your birthday. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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