Favorite Literary Characters OF ALL TIME

I just want to take a second to go over all my favorite characters that I’ve ever come across. Sometimes you just need to appreciate the good things in life – and there’s no better day than today!



He is a cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure. I use that phrase way too often, but it is the truth!

I love Gandalf to bits. The dude is hilarious and loves an adventure. He is so quirky and weird sometimes, but also so wise and good and just… awesome.

He isn’t intimidating. He is so down to earth. I mean… he’s totally okay to hang out with hobbits all day long despite being this super awesome wizard. He doesn’t see himself as being too good or above it all to enjoy the Hobbits relaxed lifestyle.

And Gandalf isn’t all about showing off how awesome he is as a wizard. Instead, he shows his quality through his advice to others.

Gandalf cares SO much about Middle Earth and its inhabitants. He strives for peace, but he doesn’t relish in the bloodshed of warfare to attain that goal. He is constantly reminding everyone why they fight and what they will gain and lose by doing so.


I really admire how humble Harry always was. Even being thrust into the wizarding world as being the most famous person EVER, he still managed to keep his head, which shows tremendous strength of character on his part.

He became incredibly selfless as the series went on. He has no qualms about laying down his life to save his friends – even to save strangers. I mean… he literally allowed Voldemort to kill him so that he could save everyone fighting the good fight.

He chose to destroy the horcruxes rather than seek the hallows, which was something Dumbledore feared. He believed by doing so, he was abandoning his last attempt at an equal fight with Voldemort. Without the hallows, he wouldn’t have the Elder Wand and he likely wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight.

He essentially made up his mind that he would die for the cause. And that was when he didn’t know how it would end! He had no idea that Voldemort would actually kill part of his own soul and not Harry. He had no idea that he would still live to see another day when he walked into the Forbidden Forest to lay down his life without a fight.

Just… so. many. feels.



Liesel is perfect little angel!!!!

I talked about her in my post about Strong Female Characters, but I just have to talk about her again because she is just too important not to!

She had this true passion to read everything and she completely devoured books. I mean the girl had such a desire to read that she’s known as the book THIEF!

As she grew up during a war stricken Germany, she understood how words can be used for both good and bad (Mein Kampf, anyone?!). And the horrible things that she lived through… it’s simply incredible how she managed to come away from that and still have an appreciation, empathy, and love for life and people.


Tyrion is incredibly intelligent.

He manages to use everyone’s perceptions about him (he’s a dwarf so that must mean he’s incapable of ruling, etc.) to his advantage. Since no one ever thought he was important enough, he wasn’t watched as closely. He was able to develop a love for recreational reading, which in turn gave him the ability to spin his own web of politics in these higher levels of society.

And despite being hated and looked down upon his entire life for the sheer sake of his appearance, he still has the empathy to care about the people of Westeros, which truly shows his fortitude.

Honestly, Tyrion deserves to be on the Iron Throne. He has an honest disposition and would make an amazing ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.


It really takes a lot of balls to own up to your mistakes.

Edmund was a real brat.

The kid sold his family to the evil queen for some turkish delight. That is probably the definition of a toxic person.

But hey, Edmund turned around and realized the mistakes he had made and instead of focusing on all his past negativity, he was able to change his mindset for the better and build healthy and loving relationships with his family.


What are some of your favorite characters?

What qualities make a character memorable for you?


Until next time!



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18 thoughts on “Favorite Literary Characters OF ALL TIME

  1. I would die for Harry Potter (okay not literally haha – would he even let me) and I love Liesel as well! Edmund had amazing character development – he went from a kid who’d choose food over his family to a just king?? Incredible

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  2. […] Favorite Literary Characters of All Time by Bridget @Bridget and Books:  I love reading about everyone else’s favourite characters (and books) because sometimes I learn about characters and books I’d never heard of. Sometimes they lead me to read the book that was featured and that book becomes a favourite of mine too. I just love when that happens. […]


  3. Lovely post! My favourite characters include penny from ‘girl online’ , Fred from ‘the look’ and Elsa from ‘frozen’ etc. I always look for a happy face, friendly and lively and a character who thinks just like me! I love strong , and adventurous characters too!

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  4. Tyrion is DEFINITELY my favourite from Game of Thrones! He’s really smart, and maybe he isn’t the best of human beings, but then again – who is? (Not Cersei, for sure.) You’re right, he deserve the Iron Throne.
    And Gandaaaaalf!! I love him so much ❤ He's like older, wiser, and smarter Dumbledore.

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