Favorite Series

Series are probably some of the most intimidating books you can choose to immerse yourself in because you are committing a good amount of time and not knowing if it will give you the ending you want, or stay true to the characters, or continue to advance the plot, etc. throughout the installments.

But series can also be rewarding with all the lessons it can teach.

Let’s take a look back at and celebrate some of my favorite series…



I couldn’t possibly have a post like this without mentioning Harry Potter. In this case, I’m honoring it.

Harry Potter gave me so much that I didn’t know I needed. It provided me with lasting friendships and family. It taught me that good will always triumph evil if you’ve got enough nerve. And it gave me MAGIC. Hogwarts is seriously a sanctuary. Whenever I need a quiet place or a place where I know I belong, it’s Hogwarts. I know that might be a little silly coming from a mid-twenty year old but FIGHT ME. (I’ve got pepper spray and I’m not afraid to use it.)

I know I talk about this series a lot on this blog, but it really is for good reason. And I’m always so shocked (more like APPALLED!) by how many of my fellow bloggers haven’t read them. Please do yourself a favor and read these ASAP.


I think everyone has a different opinion when it comes to these books and for good reason. I can’t expect everyone to be a fan of a cliche love triangle, BUT the dystopian aspect is just so INTERESTING.

The capitol, and President Snow (that conniving bastard), and the weird fashions of the privileged??? It was just so different and I really loved that aspect. And then the FIGHT TO THE DEATH in the arena and the MC being a girl who KICKED ASS and I was just YAAAAASSS the whole time. *Z snaps all over the damn place*


The world building in these books is just incredible. George R. R. Martin is the modern day Tolkien in my eyes with his mastery of creating Westeros.

Also, the series is character driven. Each chapter is dedicated to a characters point of view, which can sometimes lead to a disconnnect – wanting to skip ahead to a chapter of a character you like,  however, the author has the ability to create redeemable characters by giving them a back story and a method to their madness. This entire history for each character makes the series engaging and keeps the pages turning!


I’m a big fan of Ancient Greece. It’s an extremely interesting time so having a whole fantasy series revolving around Greek mythology is an enjoyable twist. Plus, Rick Riordan’s writing technique is just so much fun.


I’ve dedicated a whole post to my love for this series. Tolkien is a great storyteller. He created an entire language and history, going beyond any other writer when creating Middle Earth. The man is a legend and this series, and the lessons I learned from it, will stay with me forever.

What are some of your favorite series?

What does it take for a series to become memorable (in a good way) in your opinion?

‘Til next time!


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22 thoughts on “Favorite Series

  1. These are such great series! Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson all have special places in my heart. I most of the subsequent series by Riordan as well, except the Egyptian mythology one, I couldn’t get into that. One of my other favorite series is The Raven Cycle ❤ I think what all these series have in common is I just got…super obsessed with them. Like, there are series I enjoy and then there are series I enjoy so much I live and breathe them for weeks on end, hahah.

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  2. The problem with series for me is that I never know when I can buy the next one because full price isn’t always what I treat myself to 😀 I have to wait for sales, and they don’t come up for all the series!
    I haven’t read The Hunger Games either! Because I was spoiled with the movies. So now I don’t really want to read it, as I don’t read that much YA anyway. Although I suppose it would be interesting to read the original that everyone else started copying afterwards 🙂
    I did try reading LOTR, but it just didn’t flow for me. I did love the Hobbit though 🙂 but LOTR just had too much poetry 😀

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  3. YES TO ALL OF THESE! Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games are three of my favorite series as well so I’m so glad to see them on your post here. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! ❤

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  4. Harry Potter brought me up in this world like a lot of other people in the world. I still don’t have anything close to being on the level that HP influenced me lol. Others would be Cirque Du Freak, Percy Jackson….now that I think about it, I haven’t read a series in a long time. Time to get back to that.

    I think the end effect it has on you long after reading a series makes them memorable.

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