How to Overcome a Reading Slump? Advice and Discussion

So I’ve found myself descending into a reading slump. And since I’m a book blogger, that has quickly turned into a blogging slump. If I don’t read then I have nothing to blog about.

Have you come here looking for help? This is going to be half advice and half discussion.

Sit down, friend, and let me show you the way~*~*~



  1. Listen to an audiobook of a beloved book
  2. Go to a bookstore or a library and just immerse yourself in the atmosphere of *books*
  3. Read something outside of your comfort zone – a different genre
  4. Take all your books off your shelves and re-organize everything
  5. Read something short and sweet


In a perfect world, slumps don’t happen. I can certainly understand the desire to want to overcome a slump so we can go back to enjoying a good book, but sometimes you can’t just WILL yourself out of that slump. Just endure the slump. Spend your time how you want to spend it instead of getting upset with yourself for your perceived “failure” at reading.

I would wager that most of us are mood readers. We might give ourselves a monthly TBR, but we seldom follow that list.


We just pick up whatever book that suits our fancy at that particular time.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to find any book that meets your mood. So you find other things to enjoy – riding your bike, watching TV, going out to eat with your friends.

Why are we always trying to fight a slump? Maybe we should just accept it, move on with other things, and come back to reading when it grabs for us.

We are not professional readers. We are not being paid to read. (Unless you are… you probably shouldn’t be reading this post I am sorry.)

What are some of your tips to overcoming a reading slump?

Do you think you should just “let it be” when you hit a slump?




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22 thoughts on “How to Overcome a Reading Slump? Advice and Discussion

  1. Reading slumps are just a synonym for I DON’T WANT TO READ THIS BOOK OR THESE KIND OF BOOKS RIGHT NOW. So, the answer is usually to search for something so wildly different that the freshness of it gets out of the slump! For me, that usually is a trusty feel-good historical romance XD

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  2. Ok how funny that you said to rearrange your shelves. I JUST did that and now I want to read EVERYTHING hahah One of my favorite things to do is to binge watch some movies or tv shows. It makes me sick of that type of storytelling and want to read again. Great tips!

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  3. Good advice about listening to the audio books, that is my go to.. when i want to get out of my reading slump. either that or i find light and fluffy books to read that won’t make me feel like i’m forcing myself to get out of it . But sometimes just giving yourself over to the slump is ok, I like to think that its my brain’s way of saying I NEED A BREAK. lol,

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  4. I think it helps to try and figure out what caused the slump in the first place. I’m working through a slump myself. And I didn’t really know what to do about it until I tried to figure out what started the whole mess.

    P.S. Your GIFs are ADORABLE!!

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  5. When I’m in a reading slump I just have to find a book that I’m excited to read and in the mood for to read. So I have a very large reading list with a wide range of genres and that helps because there’s bound to be something on it that will suit my mood.

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  6. I wish I could adapt the “let it be” mentality during slumps. Usually 2 & 5 work for me – and watching Booktube videos always gets me excited to pick up new books.

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  7. I was in a slump earlier this year, and it was mainly because I was trying to read big fantasy sequels that I wasn’t in the mood for. As soon as I started reading thrillers again, I went back to reading three books in two days. I’m a huge mood reader, and that definitely affects me!

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  8. These were some helpful tips! I to have to agree that I will binge watch something on netflix or watch a few movies in my free time when I’m in a reading slump.

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  9. Im the same as Marie I watch tv shows……

    I can sympathise as I am there now. I have a beta and 2 arcs to read but I just cant bring myself to read at the moment! I watched GoT last night and thought that might give me the jump start I need….but no 😭


  10. Lovely post, Bridget, and great advice! I find that whenever I feel a slump coming, stepping away from reading and trying to write or watch tv shows or do something else helps me and makes me miss reading as well ahah. Something short and sweet or a favorite to re-read always helps as well! 🙂

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