Who is Our Audience? Discussion!

Publishers will send popular blogs advanced copies so that the blogger can write a praiseworthy review and hype ensues among our community.

But who is our community?

community3No, not THAT Community

Does anyone else wonder “who the hell is reading this?” Then this post is for you!


The vast majority of the people that follow my blog are fellow bloggers themselves. And most of those people are also through WordPress.

How are we changing reader’s opinions on books, how are we creating hype, if we’re only interacting with our very own fellow book bloggers? Where are we crossing the “aisle” and influencing the average* reader?

*Average meaning someone who casually reads, but does not blog and does not read book blogs, but simply picks a book off a shelf at random.

If we’re telling everyone not to read a certain book because it has poor representation of minorities, or is sexist, or just all around a boring piece of crap, but the casual reader isn’t reading our posts then how are we influencing them? Where is the book buzz happening?


Does this mean that our blogs aren’t reaching anyone except each other (book bloggers) and we’re just creating a cesspool of content that essentially goes nowhere? 

And then there’s the argument that book reviews just don’t get nearly as much interaction and views as any other type of post. Even fellow book bloggers are hardly reading our reviews.

But there are also other outlets where reviews can be seen – places such as Goodreads and Amazon – that offer a wider audience. And I imagine that even average readers will browse through Amazon (for instance: my sister) to look for a new book. Then there is Instagram where books aren’t even being reviewed, but rather just taking an aesthetic picture of a certain book and all of sudden there’s this carnal desire to have that same book on your shelf.

But who is viewing our reviews on our blogs? Who is our target audience for book blogs in general? I just don’t understand. HELP ME PLS!

Do you have any opinions as to how hype is created?

Who are the readers of your blog?

Are you reading this, but aren’t a book blogger? Where did you come from and how did you find me?


Until next time!



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NOTE: All gifs shown were created by me, but feel free to use wherever (just don’t claim as your own)!


6 thoughts on “Who is Our Audience? Discussion!

  1. Interesting questions! Most of my audience are book bloggers, there’s no doubt about that. I do use twitter and Instagram a lot to give my opinions on books and just chat about them in general, so that it’s not all bloggers. Even then though, people often have to know the online book community exists, so it’s not really reaching people who just stroll into a bookstore and choose at random. Still, I have my blog just as an outlet to thoughts, so I guess my audience is just…whoever’s interested ahaha 😆

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  2. I am a book blogger myself and most of the people who follow me are book bloggers! I think a lot of book hype is through Instagram these days, whenever I post on there about a review I get twice as many views.
    I also found you when I was searching for other book reviews on WordPress.

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  3. I honestly think that most of my audience is other bloggers! Compared to my 600+ blog followers, I have only 5 e-mail followers (I usually assume they don’t have a blog).

    A long time ago, I linked up my blog to Google searches because I was really interested in what people were googling to find me, and the way I was found was mostly through my reviews! I don’t know if it was helpful to anyone, though, but it is interesting.

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  4. Totally see where your coming from. I am actually in charge of a book club that used to be small and just in my home town. We have since then decided to go more public and on the internet so we can meet even more book lovers. So I personally love hearing bloggers and non bloggers reviews of different books. I have just started to realize the vast amount of book related stuff on Instagram too. While I love a beautiful picture of a precisely positioned book I must say if it has a review attached it is gold! I also love to see a less popular book being reviewed bc it’s always fun to find a gem out there and be introduced to new authors.

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