Would you rather? Book tag!

I was tagged by Charlotte over at The Unicorn Wishes! Thank you so much for the tag!

Let’s do thiissss!



This is such a tough question and I’m so flip-floppy on this at times. But I’m going to have to go with series on this because a life without Harry Potter just wouldn’t be worth living lol


Female because I always find a deeper connection there since I’m a girl too (yaaas queen!! Emoji Pngs (1))


If I had the money to be able to just shop around at Barnes and Noble, I would do it. The atmosphere of a bookstore, all the crisp new books, and the smell of coffee wafting in from the Starbucks just yes. Lol but as it turns out, Amazon is almost always cheaper than buying in the store so usually if I see something I like there, I take a picture of the cover and search for it on Amazon later that day.


I’m going to go with TV shows on this one because I absolutely love the mini-series of North & South and Emma. With it being able to be longer it really does the story more justice than a movie can.


If I had the fast-reading capability then I would read 5 books per week.


This question has the absence of “successful author” lol so I’m going to say professional book reviewer!


Read a new book every 6 months. Reading is all about learning so my learning would definitely be stagnate if I just chose to read the same 20 books for the rest of my life.


Well I’ve already had my hand at being a librarian kinda sorta not really (worked at a library part time a few years back) so I’m choosing to own a bookstore! Yaaas!

I’m going to go with genre because an author is likely to stay within a genre anyway.


Physical books! Although ebooks are very convenient, it just isn’t the same. You miss out on the feel and the smell of the actual book and that’s like… the best part lol


I tag Holly at Nut Free Nerd, Isabeau at Just Keep Reading, aaaaand YOU! Feel free to link me to your responses! Emoji Pngs (5)



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12 thoughts on “Would you rather? Book tag!

  1. Oh my god, how awesome would it be if you could read 5 books per week hahaha XD sadly, I’ve become SUCH a slow reader and I barely manage 2 books a week! And I agree with physical copies! I love holding the actualy copy in my hand while reading rather than staring at a screen!

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  2. Great answers! I prefer physical books, too. E-books are convenient when you’re travelling and you want to take more than one book with you, but there’s nothing like holding a real book while you’re reading 🙂

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  3. OH great answers, I love this tag 🙂 I really love physical books as well and wish I could buy them all this way – the smell, holding the book and everything…there is nothing like this feeling ahah 😀

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