Fierce Fangirl Friday: Celtic Woman

Fierce Fangirl Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Jackie over at Too Much of a Book Nerd where we have the opportunity to do some healthy fangirling on our blogs!



Last weekend Ryan and I got to see Celtic Woman for their Voices of Angels tour and it was an awesome show.


I kid you not they sound exactly like the recording.

This is the second Celtic Woman tour I’ve had the pleasure to see. The first one, if memory serves me right, was the Believe Tour back in 2012. A friend from college had paid for my ticket and that was the first time I had ever heard of the group.

And I will admit this was when I learned how to properly pronounce “Celtic.” Which is quite sad because my heritage is Irish. I mean… my last name is O’Connor, I should at least know how to pronounce some basic words, right?

But regardless, the show blew my socks off.


Tara McNeill had some very big shoes to fill upon Máiréad Nesbitt’s exit, but she was absolutely lovely and took just as much of the stage as Máiréad was known to do. This definitely re-lit the flame for me to continue to learn how to play the violin (aka BEST INSTRUMENT EVER). And her hair is freaking gorgeous!!! Makes me sad I got a hair cut a couple weeks back… *regret*


Éabha McMahon’s voice was haunting. I got a little bit teary eyed when she sang “Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears.” Even though I have never even been to Ireland, when she announced the song as “no matter how many generations you are separated, Ireland still calls us home,” I still managed to get emotional. And when she started off singing the unaccompanied traditional Irish “Sean Nos Song” I was instantly carried away with her. It was simply incredible.


Susan McFadden can dance?! It was so beautiful. Her toes perfectly pointed as she performed to “She Moved Through the Fair” while effortlessly hitting the high notes like dang girl! You do you.

Máiréad Carlin’s voice was incredible. Her singing “Time to Say Goodbye” gave me CHILLS. Like downright goose bumps, people!!!!

And when they sang “Walk Beside Me” and “You Raise Me Up,” I leaned into Ryan and asked if our first dance could be to a Celtic Woman song and he agreed. Emoji Pngs (9) ❤


The minute they finished I started off Section 207’s standing ovation when I leaped to my feet and clapped enthusiastically above my head.

When it was time to leave I thought about how these ladies are literally living the dream. I mean to get to sing, travel the world, AND be able to call Ireland home? Must be amazing!

And for once I got to stand in line and get a t-shirt so I can forever remember this tour!


I never want to wear anything else!!!!!!!!

Are you a Celtic Woman fan like myself?


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NOTE: All gifs shown were created by me, but feel free to use wherever (just don’t claim as your own)!


6 thoughts on “Fierce Fangirl Friday: Celtic Woman

  1. Ahhhhh yay! I’m so glad to see you participating in this meme!
    This post was so lovely to read! I have never heard of Celtic Woman before but they sound incredible and I definitely need to check them out! I’m so glad you had a great time ❤


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