The Characters You Love to Hate

We all have those certain characters who are entirely irredeemable in our eyes.

Let me just start this off by saying this: Dolores Umbridge.


If you are a fan of Harry Potter then I think we can all agree that Umbridge is the absolute worst.

But why?

Well, let’s think…

She’s racist.filthy

She’s cruel.lies

And, last but not least, she takes pleasure in her cruelty.

umbridgeUmbridge meets all the requirements that I need for a character to be truly loathsome. Frankly, I can’t imagine anyone who could argue with that.

Joffrey Baratheon from A Game of Thrones

I mean… does anyone like Joffrey? This vain, selfish, and ruthless brat enjoys watching others in pain. Much like Umbridge, he is happiest when he sees others (in particular his bride-to-be Sansa) humiliated, tortured, and frightened.


Saruman from The Lord of the Rings

This wizard started out wise, but his wisdom took an evil turn when he desired more power. This is shown quite literally when he is Saruman the White, but then becomes Saruman of Many Colors. He has a deep sense of pride, which is so maddeningly frustrating to read. He envisions himself to be the most superior wizard there is. He views Radagast and Gandalf beneath him because they consider everyone (human and creature alike) equal.



But that pride becomes his downfall when he refuses Gandalf’s advice to change his evil course.


(A quite literal downfall in the movies lol)

President Coin from The Hunger Games

Everyone hates President Snow, but President Coin is the real MHC (Most Hate-able Character). President Coin is very power-hungry. She will do anything to see herself placed at the top of the food chain, even if it means killing innocents to do it.


And what I really find loathsome about her is that she tries to portray Snow as the “all-evil” leader, but in reality she is just as morally stained as him.

Nick and Amy Dunne from Gone Girl

Yes, both of them. They are both equally terrible human beings.


In my opinion, cheating on your partner is entirely unforgivable. It is selfish, cowardly and callous. If you no longer like the person you’re with, end the relationship! This is my main bone to pick with Nick (unintentional rhyme).

As for Amy, she creates this facade of herself that is perfect. She is highly manipulative as she crafts her own narrative so well that she changes people’s perceptions of her as an innocent victim. And then she goes so far as use her husband’s sperm to impregnate herself against his will so as to control him. She literally uses her future child as a tool.


It’s safe to say I hate any character who is selfish, power-hungry, and/or enjoys watching others suffer.

What traits does a character need to have in order for you to loathe them?

What characters do you love to hate?


Until next time…



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7 thoughts on “The Characters You Love to Hate

  1. Ahah I love this post so much. Umbridge is a character I could NOT stand, just thinking about her makes me so mad. Also, you’re so right about Coin – if Snow is such a bad character in so many ways, Coin is no better.


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