The Newbie Book Blog Tag

So I have noticed that my blog has been getting a little bit more views as of late…


And I decided it would be best to do this tag as a means of introducing myself to the bookblogging community. This tag was originally created by Love and Other Bookish Things.

Lesss gooo~*~


I started this blog because I wanted to immerse myself even further into this book loving community. I first found Goodreads, then BookTube, then Bookstagram, and now I’m here because I simply can’t get enough of interacting with like-minded people.

Well, I’m hoping my love affair for Photoshop and free fonts is coming across as unique. I also like to think I’m pretty good at putting my thoughts together on why I did or didn’t like a book, but I’m not sure if that’s actually coming across or not in my posts. That’s up to the reader to decide!

I really want to discover some great books and would like to make friends with other readers!

For me, reading is a form of escapism. It is a great way to forget about my stresses in real life and to jump into a world where magic is real.

The Harry Potter series were ultimately the first books that I really sunk my teeth into. Once I read Harry Potter, reading became the biggest hobby of mine.

Where the hell are you getting your ideas from?!

Mainly blogging consistently and thinking of things to actually blog about…

I don’t think I started reading until around 10 or so? Reading was difficult for me as a kid and I had the attention span of a chihuahua so it took me longer than most to get into it.

Generally in bed. It’s just the most relaxing place. My room is my solace, free of distraction.

Fantasy is hands-down my favorite genre to read.


Well, hopefully this tag gave you a little bit of insight into who I am as a reader and a blogger.

Talk to you later!



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12 thoughts on “The Newbie Book Blog Tag

  1. Your graphics are super cute! Blogging consistently or trying to keep up with everything is really hard. It’s been a year and a half since I started blogging and sometimes it’s easy and other times not so much. But everything looks fantastic here. Good luck ❤


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