Bookshelf Tour

Today I thought I would get a little bit more ~intimate~ with you by showing you my bookshelves.

I use the word intimate because, well, bookshelves are an extension of a reader. How a reader organizes (or not organizes) their bookshelf is a reflection of their personality. It can be a very private thing for some people. Only the closest friends are welcomed into this space, but I really wanted to make my blog a little bit more personable.

So, without further ado…



My shelves are not very organized. They are not strictly color-coordinated like most famous bookstagram accounts you may turn green with envy for. They are not all organized by genre, author or title. But they all have a distinct reason to be on any particular shelf (in my mind at least Emoji Pngs (13)).

I have a dedicated nonfiction shelf.


I have a shelf for classics.


My one and only color-coordinated shelf.


Shelves devoted for Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.




I have bits and bobbles dotted around each shelf. Mostly consisting of Disney Tsum Tsums, Pop Figures, and fake plants. I actually have an overwhelming amount of Pop Figures. I have two mini-shelves mounted on my wall consisting of 6 more Pop Figures… I have a problem.

I’m also particularly fond of this “dragon egg” that I found at Target that I use as a bookend for my A Song of Ice and Fire series.


I have fairy lights hanging from my bigger shelf to fulfill that bookstagram aesthetic.


And last, but certainly not least, a shelf for my cat to lay down in. Actually I did not intend for him to chill out here, but Charlie did that on his own so I decided to take the cushion out of his cat bed that he doesn’t normally use and placed it on the bottom shelf for him so he could be a little bit more comfortable there.


Isn’t he cute?! Like, his perfection just cuts me deep on a regular basis. Emoji Pngs (9)

Oh, and if you’re curious these are the shelves I own.

Do you have a certain way of organizing your bookshelves?

Do you use decorations to adorn your shelves? Bookish candles perhaps? Fandom art?


Talk to you later!




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6 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour

  1. YOUR CAT IS SOOOO ADORABLE!!! Gosh I love cats ❤ and your shelves look so pretty! I only have 2 Pop Funko dolls on mine but I really need to decorate them somehow! I recently re-organised my books and I was going to organise them by colour but that didn't look half as nice as all the ones you see on Youtube/Instagram so I just decided to organise them by genre! 🙂


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