April Wrap Up

I hope it’s not too late to do a wrap-up…


I am highly anticipating the coming convention season and frolicking around at the beach now that the weather is nice and blisteringly hot (I live in Texas).

Aside from my intense enthusiasm for spring, April was a downright awesome month for blogging!

Without further ado, let’s take a look back!




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I know two books isn’t considered impressive for a book blog, but this is an achievement for me since I’m quite a slow reader so go me! Emoji Pngs (11)

To Be Read:

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April was a great month for blogging for me. Mainly because it’s the first month of this blogs existence where I have actually posted semi-consistently.

I’ve had a lot of fun designing and then re-designing my blog. It’s honestly just been a whole lot of fun! I’ve also come across a bunch of quality blogs to follow that have led me to adding waaaaay too many books to my TBR, but honestly who’s complaining?

Great Blogs I Found in April:

Bookish Things and Tea · Rattle the Stars · Drizzle and Hurricane Books · The Book Lagoon · Forever and Everly · A Frolic Through Fiction

By some great chance if you’re not already following these blogs, please go check them out! They will not disappoint! Emoji Pngs (5)

Past Posts:

I think I did a pretty decent amount of blogging in April. This month I discovered the existence of tags solely targeted for Book Blogs, which has just been a delight to put my own flavor into it. It also helped me blog regularly as it gave me a prompt to write about.


Falling Kingdoms · The Lord of the Rings · Truthwitch


Top Ten Things That Make Me NOT Want to Read A Book · Top Ten Best Covers


April Book Haul


I spent way too much money this spring. Concert tickets (Celtic Woman), movie tickets (Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – it was delighful!) and convention tickets (Comicpalooza) have consumed my budget.

Fashion Favorites:

Not to mention that I have splurged in the clothing department. Check out this super cute bathing suit top I ordered from Torrid.

10793353_hiI mean…you guys! Emoji Pngs (10) I got a black skirt bottom from Target to go with it. Altogether, it’s fab. I’m going to the beach the day after Memorial Day and I’m pumped to get my tan/sunburn on! To wrap up fashion favorites, I finally ordered a pencil skirt and some low black heels (they’re actually character shoes because why not?) so I can start dressing more professionally at work.


I am obsessed with Instagram. I actually think I use it more than any other social media currently?? Here are some accounts I have been absolutely obsessed with.


17881848_787527014746963_1719116696662310912_a     17493772_356609408074457_1931420048249847808_a


15539057_230847104006144_1066648853014380544_a     15623603_457809814342740_7616866174353014784_a     15034713_578421959025003_2172365364208336896_a


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Not So Favorite Things:

With spring comes bad allergies. In April I tried nasal spray for the first time and at the same time learned that I am allergic to nasal spray. Emoji Pngs (9) Why is life so cruel to meeeee?


What did you do in April?

Did any books get added to your TBR?

Do you have an Instagram? Share your favorite accounts with me!

Talk to you all later!



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8 thoughts on “April Wrap Up

  1. I love your graphics and designs so much! Your blog is incredibly adorable. LOVE IT! I’ve been struggling to read these past few months so don’t worry about only getting through 2 books. Reading is about enjoyment, not rushing through a book to reach a quota. By the way, thanks for the shoutout. I’m really happy that you found my little blog ❤


  2. I love Dark Places, and I also liked The Handmaid’s Tale – I hope you enjoy. I really like Gillian Flynn’s thrillers, my favourite being Sharp Objects (I think). I’ve only had to reread them a few times to decide! 😛

    I’m so rubbish at doing ‘wrap-ups’; I just don’t track what I read or do enough to create accurate posts! I’ve read a lot of Stephen King lately though – another author I love. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! I didn’t notice previously realize this, but I am clearly in the mood for a psychological thriller – one that makes me go “wait, what?” *explosion noise* mind BLOWN! And this was my very first wrap up post ever soooo not the best, but a decent start LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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