Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we list our top tens!


I thought I would jump on the bandwagon for the TTT meme as I’ve found it is highly popular. Hopefully you will enjoy the first installment of this meme!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!



I just… come on. I never found instantaneous and lasting love while I was in high school. This is just a trope that I do not find believable in the slightest. If this is the sole center of a novel then I will not bother to pick it up.


Let’s not lie to ourselves here. Everyone judges a book by its cover. If a book has an ugly cover (something that includes a bad stock photo and pairs it with a gaudy serif font – Vampire Academy, anyone?) I am likely not going to bother turning it over to find out what it’s about.


Any book that takes a long time to build up and an even longer time to finish. I already have a short attention span, so if it takes too long to build momentum for a story, it’s not something I will find highly enjoyable.


Whatever you wish to define it as – but a mysterious, sexy girl that all the boys are falling for because she just has something *special* that is never actually described and she is solely there to “complete” the boy. God, I hate that crap.


Any novel that’s base is centered on a plot point that has been done time and time again, but with nothing new added to it. Take magic for instance – if an author chooses to explore magic in their plot, which is something I truly enjoy to read about, but uses the same magic system as a book series that is already published it becomes just another run-of-the-mill fantasy novel. I like when an author can take an overused plot device like magic, but make it original by throwing in new elements, mythologies, or rules in to how the magic can be used.


A character that has no believable motivations or desires. A character that is either purely good or purely evil and no murkiness in between. A character that is basically there just as a filler. It’s boring.


Sorry, but just no. Most of them don’t write the novels, journals, and/or autobiographies themselves anyway so I don’t want to fill their already deep pockets when they don’t deserve it.


If a book is part of an ongoing long as hell series, I am very wary to pick it up. It seems like every author nowadays feels the need to create the next Harry Potter and divides their book into a series of installments. But most of the time in these long book series, the plot has been so drawn out that it comes across as flat when it would have packed more of  a punch in a standalone novel. Not to say that I never read books that are a part of a series because I certainly do, but it is something that I carefully research before making the plunge to read it.


I’m sure there are plenty of good ones around for that designated age-group, but I have outgrown these. They come across as way too corny and silly for my tastes yet I keep seeing them hyped up for YA readers.


Any novel that includes an abusive relationship that is meant to be “sexy.” This is just so problematic I’m not even going to bother to go into depth. All I’ll say is: Fifty Shades of Grey, anyone?

Did you like my top ten? Would you like me to continue doing this meme?


Share your top ten with me!



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